Zhejiang Starea Life Science Co., Ltd.

The sea is too wide for the first class to return Zhejiang Starea Life Sciences Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive company integrating cosmetic raw material innovation, R&D, production, efficacy testing and evaluation. It has a 7500 square meter intelligent factory in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, an 800 square meter efficacy evaluation center and a 300 square meter application R&D center in Hangzhou. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the concept of "safety, innovation and sustainability", relying on the integration of domestic universities' superior resources and professional advanced R&D technology platform to provide quality products and perfect services for beauty and personal care brands. Behind each excellent quality product is precision of countless science research and development, professional scientific research team,regardless of the cost of investment together to complete. We always adhere to the sea to build exclusive core raw materials, construction of biotechnology barriers for pursuit, and make full use of advanced technology research and development platform, providing innovative solutions for the Chinese cosmetics enterprises. In order to get the most real feedback and better grasp the quality, we proceed from reality and have established long-term effective interaction with each customer,to provided professional and perfect after-sales service systemand insisted on the rigorous scientific research attitude and high-end quality service concentration. In the future, we willnot forget the original intention and continue to uphold the innovative spirit of "only progress, never stop”, to help Chinese cosmetic companies create unique brand value.

Functional layout

R & D center

Our R &D center has an application laboratory with 300㎡, relying on the support of Beijing Industrial and Commercial University, combined with the characteristics of interdisciplinary integration of Applied Chemistry, bioengineering and o

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Intelligent factory

STAREA has an intelligent factory in Shaoxing with 7500㎡ with high production capacity and short delivery period. Worry free one-stop service.

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Technical support

The research and development team of STAREA comes from the Cosmetics Department of Beijing Technology and Business University. The Cosmetics Department of Beijing Technology and Business University has 21 faculty members, including 6 professors and 7 asso

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Enterprise honor
Enterprise spirit

Release natural energy, restore beauty and health



Zhejiang Starea Life Sciences Co., Ltd. and Intelligent Factory Starea Bioengineering (Shaoxing) Co., Ltd. was established.

Social responsibility
The vision of STAREA is to release the essence of nature, beautifying the world and life.STAREA profoundly understands that the success of company is not only referred to its profit and revenue.More importantly, it referred to whether the company can create a happy life for employees, create service value for the society, protect the environment, take care of the life.Only when we take the road of sustainable development can we achieve success!