Gene recombination platform
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     Recombinant protein is a protein for a particular use.It was produced by genetic engineering technology, fermentation technology and protein purification technology.

     Led by the team of Medical Biotechnology Research and Development Center of Jinan University, the recombinant protein RESEARCH and development platform has a history of more than 20 years in the field of recombinant protein development and application.Completed the research and development for two Genetic engineering drugs(class I), two clinical approvals of new biological agents, one transgenic biological product ,one national drug device(class III ) and successfully transformed them. By far,More than 130 scientific research papers were published, including more than 80 SCI-papers. In addition,there are more than 40 invention patents were declared and 24 were authorized, among which the international patent won more than 14 provincial and ministerial awards. More over,Related new drug technology products have successfully incubated more than ten enterprises, including three listed companies.