Biological bidirectional transformation technology
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    Based on the traditional transformation technology, Starea has developed its own unique bit technology, biological bidirectional transformation technology, developed a variety of products to meet the needs of customers, and provided the latest technology and the most perfect skin care products for customers.

     Bit is a transformation process with two-way interaction between microorganisms and plants, which can efficiently make the active ingredients in plant substrate dissolve better and even transform specific active ingredients to produce new effective substances; At the same time, the substrate provides the material for the growth of microorganisms,converting them into microbial metabolites,for example, using specific enzymes in specific microorganisms to specifically transform and decompose specific components in plants under specific transformation conditions to achieve detoxification, increase efficacy and enhance skin feeling.

    Bit  relies on the technical support of the Cosmetics Department of Beijing Technology and Business University and Beijing plant resource research & development  Laboratory, Beijing Technology and Business University. It integrates the essence of plants with high technology, laying the foundation for  developing cosmetic ingredients and cosmetics.